Dedicated to the Suzuki V-Strom DL1000 (and 650) 

V-Strom Compatible Oil Filters

The Suzuki V-Strom oil filter is a spin on filter with thread size of 20 x 1.0 mm. The following table lists oil filters that are a direct fit.

Filter Name / Part Number


AMSOil SMF 109 / EAOM 109 AMSOil SMF 109 / EAOM 109
Bike Master 314-0025
Champion PH 7016
Cycle Power 314-1919
Emgo 10-55662 Emgo 10-55662
Emgo 10-55660
Fram PH 6018 Fram PH 6018
Hi-Flo HF 138B (black) Hi-Flo HF-138
Hi-Flo HF 138C (chrome finish) Hi-Flo HF-138C
J.C. Whitney ZX063166P J.C. Whitney ZX063166P
K&N 138 K&N 138
K&N 138C (chrome finish) K&N 138C
NAPA PS1359 / WIX 51359 NAPA PS1359
Perf-Form OF-0061 / J-509 Perf-Form J-509
ProPart 01-0029
Purolator ML 16818
Suzuki 16510-03G00-X07 Suzuki 16510-03G00-X07


Which one is the best, you ask? I have yet to try them all myself, but I recommend all of them. Change your oil frequently using proper filters. The machine offers a reward of more miles. I also recommend Mark Lawrence’s oil filter comparison page to filter freaks that would enjoy seeing oil filter innards.

After finding a filter, check out the appendix charts starting on page 151 of the Oil Bible to see how your favorite brand of oil compares to the rest of the goo.

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