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  1. Review: V-Strom Mirror Extenders » Says:

    […] Recommended V-Strom Forums […]

  2. anthony Says:

    Hey! I am looking to throw on a PIAA super plasma gt-x(purple)on my wee. Any reason I should do both? The cost of the bulbs has caught me off-guard, and am thinking of doing just one. Help would be very appreciated.
    Stay safe.

  3. Newrider Says:

    I have just over 2000 klms 0n my 2012 V Strom when is a good time to switch to Amsoil

  4. Uk Strommer Says:

    There is a very good UK V-Strom forum at could you add a link?

  5. CDP Says:

    Richland Rick at Adventure Tech has a new sidestand footpad for the DL1000 without centerstand. Very nice and sturdy black powder coated 3/16′ steel base. Not on his site yet so contact Rick or Gloria to order. $28 plus shipping.

  6. Gary Says:

    Your Strom search engine is dead?

  7. corey Says:

    Gary: works for me

  8. Vincent Ramirez Says:

    Thinking of buying a 650 adventure tourer. Is the wee Strom powerful enough for a man who’s 5-11 and 275 lbs?

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