Upgrade: Better Front Suspension With New Fork Springs

The Ruckus suspension is┬áno good, horrible, and very bad. I previously replaced my rear shock for under 30$, and recently, I found time to rebuild the front forks with stiffer springs from MNNTHBX (that’s Man In The Box). These new… Continue Reading →

49cc Ruckus factory replacement spark plug

The 49cc Honda Ruckus uses an NGK spark plug. The spark plug in the Ruckus scooter should be replaced every 5,000 miles according to the factory maintenance schedule. What is the Ruckus spark plug part number? NGK CR8EH-9 How many… Continue Reading →

Why I usually do not recommend the Ruckus for new riders

The Honda Ruckus is an interesting scooter that provokes a lot of questions from people who do not ride. These people are curious and impressible, and I often find myself advising against choosing the Ruckus as a first scooter. This… Continue Reading →

Upgrade: Honda Aero rear shock on the Ruckus

The rear shock from a 1985 or 1986 Honda Aero is a bolt-on replacement for the Honda Ruckus. The lower mounting bolt from the Aero is a bit longer and more ideal to use, but either bolt will work since… Continue Reading →

When should the Ruckus drive belt be replaced?

The maintenance schedule in the Honda Ruckus owner’s manual makes no mention of the drive belt. You have to dig into the service manual to find out when the belt needs to be replaced. Check the drive belt by measuring… Continue Reading →

You might have just lost 15% of your tire pressure

First, a full confession: I am late to get the Ruckus out of the garage this year. I had a few projects going on, and I have a blast riding my dual sport. Anyways, my tire pressure today, after sitting… Continue Reading →

Speedometer mount for Ruckus with aftermarket handlebars

I made a new speedometer bracket to attach to the BMX handlebars I put on the Ruckus. The biggest problem to solve when changing bars is finding a place to mount the speedometer and turn signal indicator. I removed the… Continue Reading →

Is the Ruckus your only bike?

No. Everyone that owns a Ruckus should have a suitable dual sport motorcycle nearby. See the Ruckus pictured here near a 1997 Suzuki DR650. Also featured in this photo is the black plastic zip ties (just above the Italian flag… Continue Reading →

Where is the crankcase breather hose on the Ruckus?

This photo shows where the crankcase breather hose connects to the Ruckus engine head. If the engine is still in the scooter, removing the floorboard plastic will make access to this hose much easier. As an Amazon Associate I earn… Continue Reading →

Honda Japan website has Ruckus accessories

Honda’s Japanese website has an accessories section for the Zoomer, which is what the Ruckus is called in Japan. They are all security accessories: U-shaped locks and an immobilizer alarm kit. Check it out. As an Amazon Associate I earn… Continue Reading →

How to remove the Ruckus front wheel

Tools required 12 mm wrench 17 mm wrench Rubber mallet How to remove the Ruckus front wheel Put the Ruckus on the center stand Prop the front wheel off the ground by tilting the scooter back onto the rear wheel… Continue Reading →

How often should you change the final drive gear oil?

I have gotten a few questions about the gear oil in the Ruckus transmission. Here are answers to every question you could possibly have about the Final Reduction Gear Oil in the Ruckus. What weight oil goes in the final… Continue Reading →

Does a Ruckus fit in the back of a 2002 Subaru Forester?

Yes, if you remove the front wheel and have swapped out the handlebars to a BMX set that you can loosen and lay down. Learn how to remove the Ruckus front wheel. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying… Continue Reading →

Bike EXIF features a Ruckus

File this under “never thought it would happen.” The most popular custom motorcycle blog, Bike EXIF, has featured a Honda Ruckus today. I used to think that 1970s CBs were the most heavily customized Hondas. Until I discovered the extraordinary… Continue Reading →

E-mail: Should I buy a 2008 Ruckus?

I get emails about the Ruckus, and I try my best to answer every question I get. Here are a few good ones from Marty. Hello, While seeking information for the Honda Ruckus in general I found this site g3integra.com…. Continue Reading →

Police Ruckus in Guam

The Guam Police Department has been given four Honda Ruckus scooters to protect and serve. More @ Guam Pacific Daily News. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made after clicking Amazon links on this website.

Recommended tire pressure for the Honda Ruckus

Maintaining the proper air pressure in your scooter’s tires will optimize acceleration, handling and top speed. If you do not ride your Ruckus for a number of months during winter or while recovering from a broken bone, your scooter’s tires… Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Adjust brake lever freeplay

As your scooter’s brakes are worn during use, the levers will become less effective at engaging the shoes as time goes on. By maintaining a proper amount of freeplay in the lever pull, you can most the most effective use… Continue Reading →

10 ways to make the Honda Ruckus faster

Many riders want to extract as much juice as possible from the Honda machine, thus behold this list of the most common ways to increase the Ruckus speed. This list is ordered from easiest and cheapest to most difficult and… Continue Reading →

2012 Honda Ruckus revealed

Honda has launched the 2012 Ruckus website. The Ruckus will ship with a red seat! Honda has chosen white with red and black with red as the two color combinations for the year. The 2012 specs have been expanded to… Continue Reading →

Kitaco CDI documentation

Here is the documentation that comes with the Kitaco CDI for Ruckus. Here is another page about the Kitaco CDI install. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made after clicking Amazon links on this website.

State-by-state: do you need a license for a Honda Ruckus?

Are you unsure whether or not you need a special driver’s license for the Honda Ruckus in your American state? Check this list to find out. Some states require a special vehicle registration for your scooter, too. This list is… Continue Reading →

Honda Ruckus wiring diagram

Please, do not email me asking for wiring diagrams. I don’t know much about any scooters other than the Honda Ruckus. I also did not make this wiring diagram. Click here to view a complete wiring diagram for the Honda… Continue Reading →

Recommended type of oil for Ruckus and Zoomer

Honda recommends a 4 stroke motorcycle oil for the Ruckus scooter. The official Honda product is Pro Honda GN4 4-stroke oil (or Honda 4-stroke oil). This oil is a SAE 10W-30 (or 10W-40 in warmer climates). More specifically: 4-stroke motorcycle… Continue Reading →

Ruckus handlebar stem size

The top of the steering stem is 15/16 inches. The stock Ruckus handlebar is not adjustable. It is bolted through the stem so the angle can not be changed without replacing the handlebar entirely. To mount a different handlebar, a… Continue Reading →

Kitaco CDI installation

I installed the Kitaco CDI, and so far I am enjoying the resulting changes in performance. Jiangwayne.com has a great set of photo instructions for the Ruckus installation. This CDI kit is plug and play, but the kit I bought… Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Charge a Honda Ruckus battery

The battery in your Honda Ruckus is just beneath the rear battery box cover. Remove 4 screws that look like these two and pull the cover off. The battery is on the right side and is held in place by… Continue Reading →

What is the Honda Ruckus top speed?

The top speed of the 50cc Ruckus is about 35 miles per hour. It goes 43mph downhill with a good tail wind. This scooter climbs hills much slower, as low as 25mph, but usually 28mph or 30mph. Not fast enough?… Continue Reading →

Miles per gallon savings calculator

I was curious how many miles I would have to ride my Ruckus before I save enough money in gas to cover the price I paid for the scooter. Here is a calculator that solves this equation for you: Price… Continue Reading →

Battery charging tips

Never use a quick charge. Quick charging or over charging can result in electrolyte depletion which will make the battery unusable. If the battery becomes hot to the touch, cease charging and allow to cool down before resuming charge. Always… Continue Reading →

Honda Ruckus maintenance schedule

Notes by number At higher odometer readings, repeat at the frequency interval established here. Service more frequently if the scotter is ridden in unusually wet or dusty areas. Service more frequently if the scooter is ridden often at full throttle… Continue Reading →

Ruckus GY6 swap wiring diagram

UPDATE: I have disabled comments on this post. Stop asking me for wiring diagrams for scooters. I don’t make wiring diagrams, I only have one scooter, I don’t care what kind of scooter you have, and I don’t care what… Continue Reading →

The best online Ruckus communities

There are plenty of forums used by Ruckus riders, but these are the biggest and the best. Total Ruckus [totalruckus.com] Ruckus Central [battlescooter.proboards.com] Honda-Tech Honda Ruckus & Scooters [honda-tech.com/forumdisplay.php?f=126] Enjoy! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made… Continue Reading →

High gas prices are boosting sales of scooters

Typical of the two styles of small scooters is the 2011 Honda Ruckus, which has a slightly rugged look, resembling a mini bike. The Ruckus has a 49cc one-cylinder, four-stroke engine (the more old-fashioned two-stroke engines burn oil), and weighs… Continue Reading →

2011 Honda Ruckus Sales Brochure

The 2011 Honda Ruckus sales brochure is available on powersports.honda.com. I have saved a copy for the future here. Honda lists the 2011 Ruckus specifications: Engine 49cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke Fuel System 15mm CV carburetor w/automatic choke Transmission Automatic V-Matic… Continue Reading →

Parts list for front disc brake conversion

Here is a list of parts needed to convert a Honda Ruckus to use front disc brakes. Brake caliper + pads Bracket between caliper and fork Forks that accept caliper bracket Triple tree to hold forks (stock may work) Brake… Continue Reading →

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