I have gotten a few questions about the gear oil in the Ruckus transmission. Here are answers to every question you could possibly have about the Final Reduction Gear Oil in the Ruckus.

What weight oil goes in the final drive transmission housing?
Hypoid gear oil #90. You can buy some right here: Pro Honda Shaft Drive Oil 80W-90 8 oz.
How much of this oil does the Ruckus need?
.1 liters or less than 4 ounces
Can I check the gear oil level?
Yes. Warm up the engine, shut off the scooter and put the Ruckus on the center stand. Remove the bolt on the transmission case. Does oil run out of the hole? If not, it needs more. Fill until oil runs out of the hole. Replace the bolt.
How often should I change it?
Never. There is no maintenance interval on the final reduction gear oil in the owner’s manual, and the service manual does not recommend changing the oil. The assumption is, if you disassemble the transmission case to get access to the gears or bearings, you are forced to replace the oil. That is the only time you should ever change it.
I am a mad man and I want to change this oil. How do I do it?
Here is a great video that demonstrates how to change the final drive oil.

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