UPDATE: I have disabled comments on this post. Stop asking me for wiring diagrams for scooters. I don’t make wiring diagrams, I only have one scooter, I don’t care what kind of scooter you have, and I don’t care what wiring diagram you need (unless it’s the one below for a Ruckus).

This GY6 swap wiring diagram was created by JdotFite on TR. The wire guide features an 11 pole stator and five wire CDI, but it should be helpful during any GY6 swap. Click for full size.

Can I help you find a wiring diagram for some other scooter, ATV or motorcycle?

No. I didn’t even make this wiring diagram. I do not ever want to make a wiring diagram, and I can’t help you find the one you’re looking for.

One tip: find out if your vehicle is called something else in other countries. For example, the Ruckus is called the Zoomer in Japan. That means I can search the web for Zoomer and find all sorts of stuff that doesn’t show up when I search for Ruckus. Try that.

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