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Upgrade: Better Front Suspension With New Fork Springs

The Ruckus suspension is┬áno good, horrible, and very bad. I previously replaced my rear shock for under 30$, and recently, I found time to rebuild the front forks with stiffer springs from MNNTHBX (that’s Man In The Box). These new… Continue Reading →

How to remove the Ruckus front wheel

Tools required 12 mm wrench 17 mm wrench Rubber mallet How to remove the Ruckus front wheel Put the Ruckus on the center stand Prop the front wheel off the ground by tilting the scooter back onto the rear wheel… Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Adjust brake lever freeplay

As your scooter’s brakes are worn during use, the levers will become less effective at engaging the shoes as time goes on. By maintaining a proper amount of freeplay in the lever pull, you can most the most effective use… Continue Reading →

HOW TO: Charge a Honda Ruckus battery

The battery in your Honda Ruckus is just beneath the rear battery box cover. Remove 4 screws that look like these two and pull the cover off. The battery is on the right side and is held in place by… Continue Reading →

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