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Is the Ruckus your only bike?

No. Everyone that owns a Ruckus should have a suitable dual sport motorcycle nearby. See the Ruckus pictured here near a 1997 Suzuki DR650. Also featured in this photo is the black plastic zip ties (just above the Italian flag… Continue Reading →

Bike EXIF features a Ruckus

File this under “never thought it would happen.” The most popular custom motorcycle blog, Bike EXIF, has featured a Honda Ruckus today. I used to think that 1970s CBs were the most heavily customized Hondas. Until I discovered the extraordinary… Continue Reading →

Police Ruckus in Guam

The Guam Police Department has been given four Honda Ruckus scooters to protect and serve. More @ Guam Pacific Daily News. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made after clicking Amazon links on this website.

2012 Honda Ruckus revealed

Honda has launched the 2012 Ruckus website. The Ruckus will ship with a red seat! Honda has chosen white with red and black with red as the two color combinations for the year. The 2012 specs have been expanded to… Continue Reading →

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