How I mounted 6x9s in my Integra

Here are a few pictures that show how I mounted Pioneer 6x9s in the rear speaker locations. I removed the factory speakers and the black plastic brackets that hold them. The speakers are secured by only 3 screws, but I've had them mounted for a week now and they're still extremely tight. I've got lots more pictures to post, but I wanted to throw these up ASAP.

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1 thought on “How I mounted 6x9s in my Integra”

  1. I HAVE A DC2 Teg.when you mount speakers i am not 100% sure or not but if the magnet that moves the speaker"cone flex" comes in contact with metal i think it effects the quality of the sound that will produce. Pretty sure im right but could be wrong. Tegs are hella good reliable cars. Fuck the H swap keep the engine a B18B non vtec an do a head swap an put ona vtecB16 head an do motor internals. It will produce more power than gsr because of the diffrent compression ratio's. COOL SITE GOOD LUCK

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