April 13, 2010

Repair Integra motor mounts with polyurethane

I bought a '96 sedan at the end of 2009. Among the various issues I need to address, all three of the vibration-absorbing rubber motor mounts are torn. I bought the front two new from Honda. After removing the rear mount, I decided that I would fill it with polyurethane instead of replacing it.

The first picture below is of the rear mount while I was cleaning it up in the sink. The other three photos are actually the front two mounts that I replaced. I filled the rear mount, and loose-bolted it in place on the car so that it would cure in the proper position. I want to know how hard it is going to be after it fully cures, so I filled the two front mounts last night.

  1. Clean the damaged motor mounts.
  2. Let the mounts dry. Prepare a workspace.
  3. Seal one side of a mount. I used Gorilla Tape to hold the wet polyurethane in place.
  4. Fill the motor mount with polyurethane, and let it cure for at least 8 days.


  1. clockworktech says:

    I have the exact same issue with my Integra and I was thinking of trying this. How did this poly-fill fix work? Did it hold and does it make the car shake?

  2. Corey says:

    Great. Yes, and yes.

    This is overkill. I like it, but the mount seems four or six times as stiff as the rubber.

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