SIDE JOB: Chevy Aveo lights not working

I happened upon a friend's car that was having electrical problems, and I can't resist an opportunity to solder some wires.

This troubleshooting guide was written about a 2005 Chevrolet Aveo. The Chevy Aveo is also the Pontiac Wave, Suzuki Swift and Daewoo Kalos. This problem may also affect 2002, 2003, 2004, 2006, 2007 and 2008 models.


  • Speedometer/Instrument panel lights not working
  • Interior lights not working
  • Tail lights or brake lights not working


  • S101 Splicer pack overheats and burns wiring under the hood

Chevrolet Aveo hood compartment fuse box


  1. Open the hood and remove the fuse box cover
  2. Look into the fuse box at the splicer (use diagram at right, click for full size)
  3. Decide whether or not to take the fuse box apart, remove splicer and re-connect wires

There are no other steps. It is not possible to pull the wiring out and inspect the wires for signs of burning without removing and separating the whole fuse box. The top of the S101 may be burnt and discolored, and this would be 100% confirmation that you should follow the steps provided below.


The fuse box wiring and main engine wire harness are all the same part, and the dealership is good at replacing whole parts. The wire harness costs six or seven hundred dollars, and don't forget labor costs.


  1. Disconnect the battery (negative first), wrap the wire ends in rags, and cover the top of the battery terminals with a rag so none of your tools become conductors of its charge
  2. Remove the engine compartment fuse box cover and the 10mm nut on the fusebox ground wire in the bottom right hand corner
  3. Remove the two 10mm bolts that hold the fuse box in place in the engine bay
  4. Remove white and grey harness connector on the left side of the fuse box
  5. Break the splicer free from its perch in the fuse box (don't be shy, we're going to remove it completely)
  6. Separate the upper and lower halves of the fuse box while minding the electrical tape on the right side
  7. Remove the bottom of the fuse box and set it aside
  8. Twist the fuse box upside down so you can pull the splicer out from underneath and assess the situation


The concept here is to remove the splicer and join the wires together with a soldering iron instead. The splicer exists to connect the 14 wires in 3 groups. Unfortunately, its design is prone to failure. The following diagram shows which wires to solder together using three colors. Click for full size.

Chevrolet Aveo Splicer

  1. Cut 7 wires off the row of the splicer that contains
    1. Green with yellow stripe
    2. Brown
    3. Green
    4. Brown
    5. Green with yellow stripe
    6. Brown
    7. Green with yellow stripe
  2. Solder all 7 of these wires together
  3. Cut 4 wires off the other side
    1. Purple with white stripe
    2. Brown with white stripe
    3. Brown with white stripe
    4. Brown with white stripe
  4. Solder all 4 of these wires together
  5. Cut the last 3 wires from the splicer
    1. Purple
    2. Purple
    3. Purple with white stripe
  6. Solder all 3 of these wires together
  7. Cover everything in electrical tape
  8. Put your car back together while connecting your battery last (positive first)


  1. Start car
  2. Test lights
  3. Destroy the splicer (No, really. If you still have electrical problems after performing this fix and testing, you can carefully take the splicer apart to see if the wire groupings in your car match mine.)

If these instructions helped you fix your car's lights, I am glad I could help you and save a few hundred dollars in the process. If you want to buy me a beer, my paypal address is [email protected]. Drive safely.

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258 thoughts on “SIDE JOB: Chevy Aveo lights not working”

  1. Man I have been looking for something like this!! I do have a question though. My wires look pretty burned up. Will they be long enough after I take them out of the fuse box? Is there another option to solder? Some kind of wiring connector?

    Thanks for all your effort!!

  2. There isn't a whole lot of extra wire to work with. The car I worked on had two wires burnt so badly they broke off before I had a chance to cut them. Scraping the burnt wire casing off with wire strippers was a chore. You could extend the wires coming out of the harness side by peeling back the loom, but there's not a whole lot you can do on the fuse box side. There is enough slack to make a mend, but not a whole lot of breathing room. I am sure you could make the wires longer if you had some extra wire laying around.

    Like I wrote above, there's really no way to check it out and see what is what. You have to take it all apart completely to see anything, so you might as well go in prepared to do whatever it takes.

  3. I followed the instructions and got my dash lights working and all my marker and turn signals functioning. My brake lights are still out. Any idea which wires actually control those? My guess is it is the 7 wire bundle that was a lot to get soldered. I have not done it for a while and mine is kind of ugly. If you know for sure I would appreciate it so I only mess with what I have to next time.

    Thanks a load for all your help thust far!

    For anyone else trying this, as a decent shade tree mechanic it took me about 2 hours. Mostly working with the small ends of wires and relearning to solder. That and taking a few breaks to settle when my American hands were tryinig to work in the small area left to do this and I was getting frustrated. Learned long ago better to get a snack then get pissed and make a mistake!

  4. Who da man? You da man. Who Da Man?! You Da Man! WHO DA MAN!?!?!? YOU DA MAN!!!!!

    Having now taken apart my under hood fuse box twice and getting a little help from an electrician friend, I have brake lights again for the whopping out of pocket expense of $6.50! Of which I could have avoided all of it. I did go buy a soldering iron and solder both on sale at the Harbor Freight but wound up not needing them. I tried and did a miserable job soldering the wires. My alterations to Corey's instructions are as follows. Get some wire connectors or Butt connectors and a wire stripper/crimper if you do not have one. Follow all the above instructions just replace connectors where it has solder. When you do this the wires coming from the black bundle on the driver's side wheel well are very short, have patience in stripping the insulation. The wires connected to the fuse box, if you find their source and pull them out straignt give you 3-8 inches to work with. Pull them away and strip them back. It is much less stressful. Bundle the wires coming in from the wheel well together and crimp them into the connector first. Then bundle the wires coming from the fuse box and crimp them into the other end. If you have the skill, solder is probably better. If you are like me and grew up soldering circuit boards, short wire is a whole different ball game.
    As a side note, after doing all this I still did not have brake lights. I did note that my brake light switch was clicking. I was thinking it was broken, my electrician buddy checked the lines and found that the switch shaft was sticking. He sprayed a little "Liquid Wrench" in there and now they work fine. If in a couple of weeks they go out again, I will replace the switch.

    Corey, thanks for everything. I have been without brake lights for way too long now. I found myself blinking them just because I could at stoplights!!

  5. Can you tell me how you removed the harness connector without breaking it? I tried and could not get it out? Thanks

  6. Bren:

    The white and grey connector on the left side? Try patience! That disconnection took me 5 or 10 minutes alone. I may have used hemostats to poke and pry on one side.

  7. The harness on the left side (not the splicer) is actually a press to release catch. Try fanagling it with pressing on the attachment point. I checked it out after because it was a buggaboo to get off.

  8. I'm glad I found this post because I have the same exact problem. I'm going to try to fix it on my own this coming week. I'm not a mechanic so hopefully everything goes well. Quick question: if I were to use wire connectors instead of soldering the wires, would they just stick out where the old splicer use to be?

    Thanks for you help guys!

  9. P James:

    You will likely still end up with a gap where the splicer used to be, and the wire connections will lay inside the fuse box near its bottom. You will be able to look into that hole and see them.

  10. Phew!!! Yep that means that I just finished the job of connecting those wires together. Took me about 1.5hrs so not bad at all. There is just 1 mistake... "Put your car back together while connecting your battery last (negative first)". Well maybe you can do it that way but I looked it up and they all say hook the positive up first which is what I did ...and it does work :) I didn't have a solder gun so just used marrets and electrical tape to connect the wires. I have been a good 5 or more months without park lights on 1 side and no dash lights so was glad to find this especially the diagram without which I would have been lost! Thanks so much for everything I only spent $$$ on marrets as I had everything else so cheerio to that!

    Thanks again for this and just wanted to let you know how useful this was.


  11. Brake switch follow up. My brake lights went out again. The repair is holding fine but the switch keeps sticking. I will be replacing it this weekend. So if you do all this and still no brake lights, check your switch.

  12. Wow What a GREAT Help this was. I have had crazy electrical problems with my 2006 aveo lt hatchback for 2 months. did this fix and all lights are back working. I still have to replace (2nd alternator in 3 weeks) as it seems (possibly) that they were killed while splicer was burning up(wires 11-20 on my car are for ignition). Also there was a couple of wires I DIDN'T have but that is particular to my version of car. I will post details of my differences ASAP. Corey I have some Pictures and more details specific to my model. Email me and I will get them to you if you want. Also I could explain a few things I learned from a chevy dealer that you will want to post as all aveo wiring seem to specific to model ls lt sedan or hatchback.

  13. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I had this exact problem with a 2006 Aveo. Inspecting the fuse box showed that the splicer was severely charred and burned. Your guide was the first Web site I found that described how to fix the probem without replacing the fusebox and all of its wires. So thanks!

  14. Got the brake switch changed out yesterday. $9 at the local shop. No tools required, about a 5 min job once I figured out how to contort myself in there where I could both see and use my hands!

  15. THANKS! these are great cars but have their issues. I read a few forums and ended up here. 05 had no dash or right side running lights. Sure enough a burned splicer. Took me less than 30 minutes after reading your instructions, a little solder and good tape. On the road!

  16. COREY!!!! AWESOME - AWESOME - AWESOME!!! As an Electronics Tech (not in automotive though), I was BANGING MY HEAD trying to figure this out!!! Your directions were clear and detail-oriented. I completed it and the wife was VERY HAPPY, which makes ME VERY HAPPY!!! :O
    Keep up the amazing work!!!

  17. Been pulled over four times this week alone for the trail light being out, just got done with the process and everything works amazing again. Thank you so much, two hundred dollar fine averted, thank you so much!

  18. Great write up. Friend came over because his girlfriends dash lights weren't working and this solved it. Upon inspecting the connector was indeed burned up. Great work.

  19. Corey thanks; you were a GOD sent for us.
    YES, ladies you can do this too!
    I was constantly trying to make it home before dark that only worked in the summer months…Pulled over 2 times. Now it’s FIXED!
    Now my radio shorts out when I turn my car on, then goes off. Any suggestions?
    P.S. Dont get the Harness confused with the Splicer.

  20. No problem. What do you mean by, "radio shorts out then goes off?" Usually, a circuit that is shorted will blow a fuse and not work at all.

  21. Brenda the OEM radios in these cars are junk. Pop the radio wire should have 12V at all times. Yellow wire should read 12v when the key is on. If this is the case, you have a bad radio. Time to replace.

  22. I follow your direction and I fix the problem in 5 minutes

    you save me a lot of problems with my daughters car

    I really aprecciate this tks. Osvaldo

  23. Thank you for this. I am having the same problem with the interior lights and right brake light. I will work on it this weekend. I had a mechanic tell me I might need a whole new fuse block and I just about had a heart attack! I don't think the car is even worth that at this point as I have a 2005 Aveo sedan. So I went looking on forums and found this. Again, thanks much!!

  24. Shawn:

    The fuse box and wiring harness are designed as a single part, so any shop (or dealer) will tell you the whole thing needs replaced. Go for it.

  25. Worked on it yesterday and completed the job in 45 minutes. Instead of soldering, I just used connectors. Works great! Thank you again for this site.

  26. 06 Aveo here, same problem, splicer in fuse box is burnt to a crisp. No dash lights, head or tail lights. Whats it take to get a recall on these things ? At least I can fix it myself now without emptying the wallet. Thanks.

  27. This fix worked great and it took me about 30 minutes to get it done. I partially removed the fuse box just enough to get the splicer loose. After that, I just cut the wires and used electrical tape. Thank you very much for this fix.

  28. I need this done on my car but I dont want to do it myself.. Any idea how much a mechanic would charge for this considering the directions are on paper?

  29. Thanks alot!...solve all the problems on my aveo 2005 (no dashboard lights and no transmission shifter light).The splicer was burnt...4 wires damaged.Took me an hour and now everything works great!!!
    Thanks again

  30. Thank you for the excellent write up on it. I was a little confused at first when reading this but once I got under the hood the diagrams made sense and were exactly what I needed.

    My mom's Aveo had the right rear taillight out, the interior lights and one of the parking lights in the front I believe were out. She brought it to a few mechanics that did not want to touch it without a schematic. She then caved and brought it to a Chevy Dealership! Even they didn't know what to do with it, and said they didn't have the schematic either! They attemped to fix it but she ended up leaving there with absolutely no headlights and her windows didn't roll down now (on top of the original problems). I looked online and did not find anything on Chevy Aveo forums but found this at of all places an Acura website haha.

    Thanks again, I thought it was going to take me all day but it took me only about 45 minutes working slowly and checking to make sure there were not anymore burns or problems with the wires.

  31. Corey, Thank you for the troubleshooting guide ! These instructions allowed me to correct issues the lights on my 2006 AVEO SUDAN. I was playing with fire driving to work without dashlights in the morning prior to daylight
    in the morning. I also realized my front right runnning light was also not working. I followed your guide and was able to repair it in approx 1 hour with no problems.
    Thank you again.

  32. Dear Corey,

    I can't thank you enough. The same problems (no lights at the dashboard and the passenger parking lights were off) started at my wife's car yesterday. Your explanation came up pretty soon at my Google search. I first felt very intimidated since I am not a mechanic, and even worse, I am not really a very handy man. Your instructions sounded very easy to follow and so I just approach "the bull by its horns". With your detailed instructions and the diagrams I finished the job in about 45 minutes and everything is working now. Thank you very much and many thanks from my wife, who didn't really believe I could do it by just following your instructions.

    Best wishes,

  33. i have an '06 aveo. had the issue with no dash lights. went to a chevy dealership and showed them the burnt out splicer. they didn't have a clue as to what it was. shows up as a blank space on all diagrams of fuse box. found this site and printed off the diagrams and instructions. fixed my issue.
    THANKS so much

  34. Awesome post. I repaired my friends car today. I much prefer the solder method, more reliable than e.tape. I wish I could put pics up of the "splicer" connector. Looks burned. I also took pics of the wires soldered together. thanks again!!! Saved me hrs of diag time!!

  35. my front passenger parking light and my passenger tail light dont work. If i turn on the blinker they work. I replaced the bulbs in the tail light and that did not work. What do i do?

  36. my only issue is the instrument cluster on the dash. Do you know which specific wires operate this, everything else is working correctly.

  37. Richard: All these wires are spliced inside the same connector. It will be clear to you once you tear it apart that the whole thing needs to go. Also, why fix one or two wires when the other dozen are prone to the same failure?

  38. SAM HERE!!! '05 Aveo Hatchback Bought this car a couple weeks ago and have had no turn signals, no lights in the dash- really the only light that works is the headlights!! SO being a "fix-it-myself" kind of girl, i found this page and discovered the Splice Pack was clearly burnt. Didn't even have to take anything out! Haven't been to the gym since I bought the car because I cant drive in the dark without lights in the back of my car. So tomorrow morning this is my project. Will let you know how it turns out! But these instructions are SO simple... what could possibly go wrong?!? :)

  39. Okay, got my lights working!! Thanks so much!! But one thing, still no turn signals?! (Or hazards) I know that has nothing to do with the splice pack though...Ive read that the turn signal issue is very common in these cars, but WHAT IS IT?!?! Fuses are fine, the light bulbs in the back are fine, but I dont even get the green arrows in the car when I flip the switch..could it be the switch itself?! My headlights are on the same switch, and Im able to turn everything else on..what could it be?!

  40. My problem is that the day illumination headlights stay on. I need to know what to disconnect so as to disable this useless item that runs my battery down. Symtoms of this problem at first where that the lights stayed on a little bit after turning the car off (this is not the design) then later on when I turned off the head lights there was no illumation lights at all, which I thought was ok by me, then last night the illumination lights came on of it's own volition when the car is off and yes I had turned off the headlights (of course). There is some little bugger thingy doing it's own thing that I want to find and disconnect. Please help, thank you.

  41. Samantha & Daniel:

    I don't own one of these cars, and the friend whose car I fixed is no longer around. My knowledge about this vehicle and its wiring includes only this fix, so I can't help you with other issues.

    If I had to guess, Samantha, you might have a bad signal flasher (also known as turn signal relay).

    Daniel, cars usually have a fuse that control only the day time running lights, and if you don't want those lights (and live where it is legal to not have day time running lights), you can just pull the correct fuse and the circuit will no provide juice to those bulbs.

  42. Hello, thank you for sharing your expertise!! It saved my mechanic a lot of time, effort and money! We are so grateful to you for your help!!!

    Thank you again,

  43. My son is working on a 2008 Aveo sedan with the same faulty dash light problem you resolve on the Hatch-Back. He has the dash torn apart and is tracing the wires. He is a certified auto tech and understands the electonics involved although this one is stumping him. The fuse block is different on the sedan and doesn't have the splicer on it. I know the dome light is working but I don't know what other interior lights work. Do you know if and where a slicer might be on the sedan, or could help you us in any way to solve this problem?
    Thanks, Mike

  44. Sorry, I hadn't read your last reply to Samantha & Daniel previously so I understand if you can't answer my question.
    Thanks, Mike

  45. my son's 06 aveo lost it's interior dash lights. they blink on only when the right turn signal is engaged. other than that, they don't work. so i figured his splicer burnt up. i opened the fuse box and I don't see any burned wires from underneath the splicer. I removed the top of the splicer (plastic piece with all the prongs coming down into the splicer) and there are no burn marks on that either. trying to figure out what is going on. I was really expecting to see some burnt wired. any ideas?

  46. I checked the groupings of wires from the bottom of the splicer with a continuity tester. they checked out fine. unless the problem is that when the splicer fails, the groups get shorted together? (for instance, the group of 4 wires is shorted to the grouping of 3 wires?)

  47. Thank you very much for sharing this valuable, detailed work. I spent about 1 hr and got most of the issues fixed on 2005 Aveo. All the lights are working except left tail and brake now. They do come on when i stepped on the brake, i guess need to spend more times desolder and resolders the wires.

  48. Thank you so much for this post! My car had no parking lights, no fog lights, no cigarette lighter, no brake lights and no dash lights. I used your step by step directions and now everything is working just fine. I couldn't have done it without this post! and it only took an hour. Thanks man.

  49. About my post on Aug 6, I found out that the passenger tail assembly is actually burned itself, I bought a new assembly and all working well..

  50. Hello everyone. So my driver back light in my Aveo 2006 is not working or my dash lights. I have spent hundreds of dollars and once they fixed after two months it goes out again. Soo I finally took to this guy that told me the problem was with the burnt splicer. He suggested looking at scrap yards for a fuse box. That just seems too hard. I have been staring at the post for about 2 months now and I think it is finally time to try this by myself. I am conflicted about soldering as I never ever done that, so I am using butt conectors. My question is:

    -Do I just put all the wires in the butt connector of course divided by groups? How big should I buy the butt conectors?

    I will let you know how it is!! wish me luck.

  51. Hello everybody!! Operations getting some brake lights is complete! But like Joey Arizona said, my chevy aveo 2006 sedan only had 11 wires and I was confused to exactly what to do...Specially with the the 2 purple with white stripes, it did not know if I combined the correct wires. The lights all work but when I turn the headlights the clock light gets dimmer, is it always like that? And now the check engine light is on... What did I do wrong? Can someone help me? Corey? Joey Arizona?
    Joey if you could send me pictures of your aveo splicer it would be great... The purple with white stripes seem to be connect to a fuse in the fuse box... each one its supposed to connect with the brown wires???
    Any help will be great!! Thanks

  52. yes, Bella, the dash lights will dim when you put on the headlights, it is assumed that you use the headlights when it is dark out, and the dash should be less bright to make it easier to see the road.

  53. Thanks to your valued information I got my friends left side tail light fixed. She took it to a shop and charged her $130.00 and said it was the switch but never fixed the problem. The problem after fixing the light is that the car doesn't start. I checked and rechecked the wires but still it doesn't start. Any ideas if the wiring is incorrect that doesn't allow the car to start.

  54. Errol Noel: Does anything happen when you turn the key? Do you hear clicks? If nothing, the wiring might have been disturbed. You should be able to find a wire that travels from the battery to the starter via the harness. Can you find voltage where this wire connects to the starter using a multimeter with the key on?

  55. Wow, I was going crazy until I found this post because I hadn't ever thought to look at the splice pack since it is never mentioned! Problems included rear left parking lamp out, radio backlighting not functioning, and dash lights not working. Sure enough, the splice pack was toasted. Yes, the job was possible if you know how to be careful with wiring, but DIYers beware, there is not much spare wire under the fuse panel. You get one, maybe two chances to successfully perform 3/8 inch sheath stripping--after that, you'd have to splice another wire and it would just get messy. I used a large butt connector (yellow) for the 7 wires, and a medium one (blue) for the other 2 sets. This was my first attempt at electrical work on a vehicle, but the success has giving me the confidence to tackle similar jobs in the future. BIG thanks to Corey.

  56. This is the exact same problem with my 2006 aveo hatchback! My dash lights are out, one of my tail lights, then the opposite brake light is out, as well as my cigarette lighter and the warning sound to tell me my headlights are on if I leave my car.

    I want to fix this issue myself, but I guess I am a little confused on where to start. I can tell that the splicer is burnt (the white part), but what I do not understand is, do I have to buy a new one? The white thing I mean, that has the burn on it? Or do I just follow the directions of this post, take the fuse box out, and the wiring part, and just rewire them? I just am not sure what I am supposed to buy to fix this.. new wires, new splicer? I cannot find a slice kit anywhere. I see previous posts about splice butts and soldering, does that mean that I use the old wires and recut them? Or am I supposed to buy new wires completely and redo the whole wiring component part? Sorry if this is confusing, it is just that I am a little confused, although this job looks really easy, I just need help to begin. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!!

  57. Kaylee:

    Read this whole page. You will be removing the burnt up splicer and connecting wires to each other that previously were connected in the splicer. The wires might be burnt, too, and it's hard to tell exactly how bad the damage is until you follow all 8 "take it apart" steps.

  58. THank you! I was able to fix it following your instructions even tho I am lousy at soldering

  59. hi, please i have a chevy aveo 2007 with chasis number KL1TD56637B140270. the parking, head lamp and all lightening are on but the dash board, ac and radio control lights do not come on even if i turn the lights on. can you please help. thanks

  60. Holy crap, i cant thank you enough for getting me through that! I really appreciate it! It came out perfect!!!

  61. 2005 chevrolet aveo...from the front of the car on my right side controls...tail light,clock,dash board light...shortage I know it the wiring...I have to move the splicer in the slot and the come on...Do I fix it the same way as the left...I'm so mad that little piece can not be purchased alone...price too high $700 dollars for a part no bigger then a mini candy bar...Nothing sweet about that price....please help

  62. Deborah:

    This page is the fix for all the splicer wiring issues. The 700$ price is for the whole engine wiring harness. The splicer is just one small piece of the whole harness that is prone to failure.

  63. Corey,

    I have 2005 Chevy Aveo LS 4 door sedan:no dash lights or running lights on front and rear, just like all the others(Chevy You Make me Wonder what it takes to honor your product with a recall?)The Splicer was clearly the p[roblem it showed sign from above of heat and major heat when I opened up the fuse box(so much the purple wire looked black).

    It worked, I can't believe I did it with the help of my sons steady soldering hands!!!! Great clear step by step instuctions.

    The only glitch I had was the Pioneer Stereo / CD player was destroyed by (?) overloaded circuit when the Splicer burned up and I had an extra wire on each side of the Splicer(8 instead of 7). The extra wire on step #1 was Red with a White Stripe it was between the Green and Brown wires and the other extra wire was in step #5 (last wires to be soldered), the extra wire on right side was an extra purple wire (total 3 purple wires). I soldered the extra wires with group that it was with (3 Purples and 1 Purple with White stripe).

    I hope my educated guesses were correct and I did not solder the wrong wire together; all of the lights are working and no signof heat. Could the extra wire have been from the car alarm that this car came standard with?

    And do you thnk I am at risk of buring up another stero if I install a new one. I checked the voltage of the Orange wire while car was off (12 volts) and the Yellow also 12 volts. The CD player turned on and the play screen flashed what looked like the promo mode, but would not respond to buttons or remote, I think the brain is burned up. Is there any other type of test I can do to prevent future stero problems?

    Sorry for my poor typing an grammar, I would appreciate any help you could give me.

    Brad Hampton, Illinois

  64. This exactly details my running lights/interior lights not working. I am due to deliver my son tomorrow and am not handy with autos, etc. How would I approach asking someone to perform this fix? I am of course willing to pay but don't know where to find someone to fix it and what a fair price would be. Any insight would be so greatly appreciated.

  65. Brad: Who knows what happened when your splicer fried. Yellow should be constant 12 volts, and the orange wire is for illumination of the stereo display and clock.

    Nicole: Print this page out and take it to your mechanic. Tell him instead of replacing the whole wire harness, you want yours fixed.

  66. Corey,

    2005 Chevy Aveo: The original repair is holding on the splicer, I have not purchased a stereo to replace the one that burned up. I did check the voltage and both wires were just under 12 volts as expected; hoping for the best with the new deck. I found out after returning from a long weekend trip that my car would not shift out of park and that my brake lights have stopped working. I read that other Aveo owners have had to replace the Brake Switch (Part # 96874572); I have found the part at a Chevy dealer for $14.10. Is there a way to see if the circuit is overloaded; how much voltage should be on the wire coming to the Brake Switch? (I was thinking no greater than 12 volts).

    Thanks you’re the man!!

    Hampton, Illinois

  67. Brad: My Acura had a little plastic door on the console you could pry open with the key and to reveal a button that would override the brake switch. The brake switch is just a button that your brake pedal releases when you apply pressure. Not letting you out of park without the brake applied is a safety feature. It also connects some wire that turns on the brake lights.

  68. Corey,
    One of the best docs I've ever seen. You have saved a bunch of folks lots of $$ avoiding buying a new harness or wasted trips to useless dealers and shops. There are 2 Aveos in our family, with no wiring issues yet, but now I'm aware of what to do when something goes South, because of your information. Thank you!!!
    Just one suggestion about the "hole" resulting from the rebuilt wire bundle not taking up the full space that the splicer did. Mice and other critters love to live in air boxes, and would also happily move into a fuse box if they could. So I recommend that folks close the front door with some duct tape or anything else that blocks off that entry way. Or, you can station a cat outside your car at night, which will work just as well!

  69. Just wanted to follow up on our experience. Dash and right parking/running/fog lamps were out. I rewired the splicer per instructions above and they're still not working. Further investigation revealed that a wiring harness run had rubbed on the accessory belt pulley and had worn the shielding off of 5 wires. This took the illumination rt fuse out in the engine compartment fuse box.

    I separated and insulated the wires and replaced the fuse and now the Aveo is as good as new (even the dash back lights are working again. weird)

  70. Hey Corey glad i found your page, my 2006 aveo has drivers tail light and front running running light out but bulbs are good. When i hit my alarm they all flash fine but when i turn lights on no dice.its factory alarm.
    Do you think its the splicer, and your fix will work?

  71. The wife's 2005 Aveo had this problem - the lights started going out intermittently and quickly went out altogether. We asked the dealership, and they told us the wiring harness was one assembly and had to be replaced completely, instead of single components. We were quoted $400 for the parts alone.

    For the white and grey connector, press in on the catch and pry up then wiggle it from side to side. It is a tight fit.

    Our splice block didn't look bad while in place. It had just a little discoloration from heat on the top. Once I had it out however, one side was brown to black and the plastic had started to bubble from heat.

    I got everything working again using these instructions, and the wife is happy. Thank You

  72. 2006 chev aveo low beams not working, high beams and parking lights work fine. fuses were pulled and look brand new, swapped them anyway just to make sure, but still nothing. Any ideas on a fix for this that won't cost me an appendage or two.

  73. No right side parking lights, no console lights, no dash lights. WHAT a DAEWOO. Thanks to this process and 3 hours later, all was working again. What a guy. Thanks again and again. TRADE IN TIME>>>>>>>>GOING>>>>>>>>>>GOING>>>>>>>>>>>>>GONE

  74. Corey - HATS OFF TO YOU!! You have done so many people a great service with this great post. My daughter's 2005 Aveo has the same problem. It first reared its ugly head 2 years ago when her dash lights went out. I pulled the splicer, cleaned the char off and soldered 2 connectors to repair it. Wrapped some electrical tape over it, reinstalled, all worked fine.
    Just this week she got a citation for driving without tail lights. I pulled the fuse cover, and could immediately see at the top of the splicer the electrical tape was charred and melted, so I'm sure its another connection that loosened up.

    I've printed your color chart and instructions, and will be heading out in just a bit to make the full (and hopefully permanent) repair.

    Thanks so much for sharing this and doing such an awesome job documenting it.

    Where do I send that beer??

  75. Thank-you Corey!

    Like others, I had a half a dozen lights go out in my 2006 Aveo LT as a result of two wires burnt within the splice block. The repairs were as you had described and not very difficult for someone with basic mechanical skills.

    I sincerely appreciate your efforts in posting this self-help information.

  76. Wow, I have zero mechanical skills (never even changed a flat tire), but followed these directions perfectly. Took just over an hour, started the car and all dash and passenger tail lights all came on! Thank you so much.

  77. 2005 Aveo. Same problem as described above. I'm going to attempt the repair tonight. One question though, has anyone reported a recurrence of the problem after sucessfully making the repair? Thanks in advance.

  78. Corey - Thanks so much. Did the repair last night. Excellent instructions. The splicer block was very charred. It took a bit longer than I was hoping for (I had to add 3 short jumpers to get enough length to make the splices), but once we got everything back together, it was a major relief to see everything lighting back up. The only thing that didn't come back on was the clock (no big deal) and the dome light (probably a bulb). I ended up taking the battery out . . . gave me a little more working room to make the repairs.

    I still can't believe that Chevrolet has not taken responsibility for fixing this at their cost. Seems so obvious that this is either a design or materials flaw.

    Again, thanks for posting this fix.

  79. I have a 2004 aveo and follow these instructions and to whom I delite my tail lights work but then when I turn around the headlights No longer work anymore...
    Any suggestions?

  80. After successfully fixing my 2005 Aveo using the instructions I found here, I contacted Chevrolet via email to ask why this well-known problem hasn't been the subject of a re-call. I received a call this morning from Chevrolet following up on my email. They thanked me for my input, but basically said that there was nothing they could do since they have not determined that this is a widespread problem. I asked the representative if she had reviewed all of the comments on this website that show that this is obviously a common problem, one that they should be responsible for. She told me that she had seen the website but that there is nothing they can do unless they get direct feedback from multiple owners indicating the same problem.

    I would suggest that other Aveo owners also contact Chevrolet to report this problem. Here's the site to enter your input:

    I spoke to a lady named Genevieve. If you want to call her, her number is: 866-790-5600, Ext 32925.

    Maybe if they get enough emails / calls, they might decide to take some action on this problem.


  81. WHOOHOO! YOU ARE DA MAN! Just can't say it any better! Had my control panel lights go out the other night and thought uh oh! Googled it and found lots of listings from people with clueless mechanics and a lot of money out the door already. Found a few listings saying they thought it was some mysterious part called the S101 Splicer Pack - but not what to do to fix it. THEN I lucked onto this site - WHOOHOOO! (Did I say that already). I am SO not a car mechanic, but I AM a computer geek and household mechanical tinkerer, and as I have NO money for a repair I figured I would give it a shot. Breaking the splicer out (screwdriver and lots of forceful wriggling) and getting the darn harness connecter out (I could see the pressure point, but pushing it didn't seem to help - once I popped out the casing it locks into (release it on the left side along the top of the fuse box), I could pull OUT on the tab and it popped right out. If I'd known to pull out on the tab along the left, I probably would have had no problem - oh well). The top of my splicer was only slightly brown on one side, but once I removed it, I could see that one side was almost completely melted and there actually was a hole melted through it on that side. Two wires were burnt (Passenger side low orange light wasn't working either) and some were VERY short, but managed to get them together with patience. Good idea to find the source of the wires and straighten them out - made some of them easier to work with. Anyway, with less than $2 in parts my car and I are both happy again! Many thanks!

  82. Just out of curiosity is there enough room underneath the splicer block to possibly use some sort of solderless connector such like a scotchlock snap connector and jump in the appropriate connections that have burned out? I have to undertake this job tomorrow and in my case it looks as if the last 2 or 3 connections only on the seven wire side have burnt out so I was thinking of just jumping in to the next hot wire by splicing in the last 2 or 3 wires on that side in that fashion if possible.

  83. This is amazing. I am experiencing the exact same problem in my 2005 Aveo, no dash lights, no gear shifting lights, no passenger brake light. I will definitely write to Chevy and report the problem to them. Let's get a recall going!

  84. Just an update. Contacting Chevy was a huge waste of time. Phoebe said they do not look at the pages and pages of complaints from all the Chevy Aveo owners, they will only look at each case individually and she said I had to pay an authorized dealer for the diagnosis to determine whether it is a manufacturer defect or regular wear and tear or some other cause. I decided to take my car with the print out of the instructions from Corey to a mechanic that did the 90,000 mile service on my Aveo. He said my wires were indeed melted but unfortunately they had burned all the way to the connectors. I do not have an estimate yet on how much it is going to cost to fix this problem.

  85. Sure they are burnt to the connectors...this page describes how to remove and work around a poorly designed connector. Only a non franchise repair shop would perform this fix, the dealers are good at replacing parts.

  86. Thanks Corey! Once I spoke to the mechanic and convinced him that we were not looking to replace the splicer or the connector, he reread your instructions that I gave him and two hours later I got my car back. On the receipt he noted removed splicer and reconnected wiring per customer's instructions. He charged me for two hours of labor. Thanks again for posting such great instructions.

  87. 2008 sedan does not have the splicer in the underhood fuse box. Any ideas on where to find it?

  88. Thanks buddy!!! My chevy '05 got the same problem. With your detailed instruction, I fixed my car in 2 hourS! The panel light now works again after 4 months. I made it! It's my first time to repair a car! Thanks!

  89. I've done a ton of research on this because my 04 aveo has all the same symptoms as everybody else. However, when I lolled at the splicer and all the wires going into it, everything looks great. No discoloration, no burnt wires, no indications at all that the wires/splicer got too hot. So I'm a little reluctant to go forward with your repair. What's your thoughts???

  90. Corey,

    Same problem as everyone else with my '05 Aveo- no dash, gear shift or passenger brake lights. I completed this fix last Sat. It took about 2 1/2 hours, but everything works now! Thanks for putting this on the web!

  91. I just completed this fix for a friend in a couple hours or less. It was really easy thanks to this guide.

    Thanks a ton, Corey.

  92. Glad this page is still working out for you folks. As far as other issues, I have no idea. I've never spent a second inside an Aveo, and I don't understand anything other than this part that looked burnt up that I tore apart for a friend.

  93. I have a 2009 aveo and the dash lights, high beams, and tail lights are not working. Would this cause the high beams to not work? The low beams work all the time. definitely something fishy is going on!!!

  94. Hi, hope you can help me with a question:

    I had the same problem with these wires burned out which I fixed with your solution. Thank you so much.
    But all of a sudden, yesterday the signal lights started acting up and now when you put the indication of signal lights on they don't blink but instead stay on constant.

    Would you think it could be a solder problem or an indicator switch problem??

    Also do you have a index of which wires were for what that ended up needing soldering together??

    Thanks in advance and have a great day!

    great easy directions. my lites work !!!! its difficult to trust the internet, but your directions were perfect.

  96. Corey your instructions were great, I had to use a single butt connector for the seven wires and solder the other two bundles, I was born with hands that were to big to do intricate work :). Taped everything up and tested it everything is back, I can't thank you enough, I can't afford up to $1000 for something you made so simple. The splice block was very difficult to break apart and was burned and bubbled but it took me two hours start to finnish and everything is great, thanks once again wishing you much goodwill. :)

  97. I used your info to repair the lights on my daughters car. It worked great was fixed in 30 min.
    Now it has another problem. When she stops at a stop light and takes off it wants to cut out and hesitates. If she takes off slow it is not as bad and it is worse in hot weather. It is a 2006 motor in a 2005 Aveo. plugs, wires and air filter have been changed. I can't find anyone that knows what is wrong with it.Can you help whit what is wrong if you have any ideals?

    Thank you very much


  98. I just finished fixing my Chevy Aveo 2004, thanks to this post. It took me longer because the splicer didn't have the same number of wires or colors. After looking at the issue a little closer I noticed that the missing wires on my car corresponded to the section with 7 wires. It helped me to look at the sections without wires in the splicer. So instead of 7 wires I only had 4, 3 of them brown. I connected those according to the splice diagram.
    Thanks a lot, everything works fine. Let me know when you come over to Utah for a Beer

  99. 2006 Aveo LS with the same issue. Corey's tip fixed the problem in less than an hour. Corey for President in 2016!

  100. Corey, I can't thank you enough for the knowledge you provided. This works folks! Just a little patience, confidence (and tools) and anybody can do this. You saved us all here from hundreds of dollars of repairs, and I hope other Aveo owners will find this page when the time comes for them. Truly a blessing.


  101. Your clear instructions fixed my daughters car. (Now she wants the clock that has never worked - that's a different job). Ours was another one hour repair. A couple of wires were broken right at the splicer, so be sure to find all of the broken wires and identify them before cutting others. They might influence your decision about which wires to splice first.

  102. Hey Corey, I replaced everything in accordance to the above information and the running lights, and door/light chime worked again but the cluster lights still do not. The high beam, turn signal, and e-brake lights all function though.
    What could it be?
    Funny part, this is my gf's car and I have a teg. Lol.
    Thank you.

  103. Hah, awesome coincidence. I haven't had an Integra for a few years, now. I sold one and got rear-ended in the other in the same week, so I went from two Integras to a Subaru Forester 5 speed very quickly. I would check all fuses and look for more burnt wires. It's really hard to tell what could burn up when such a huge failure like this happens. Sad but true.

  104. Corey, thanks so much for this post. Fortunately, someone from the Aveo forums linked to this, or I would have been stuck tonight. There's no rhyme or reason to the layout, and with 6 brown wires, 3 purple wires, and for me one green, I was about to pull what little hair I have left figuring this out.

    I think I am short three wires but I am not sure why. Possibly fog lamps, and power windows/locks, but I looked, and there were no other broken/exposed wires. I spliced the 3 and 4 from one side, and 4 from the other side, and all is good with the lights now. I had put this off because I could tap the splicer to get things working again, and I was waiting for it to get warmer. Well, tonight was one of the coldest this year. Thank God for garages.

  105. Great post you saved me hours of labor and lots of money!!!!!
    Very easy fix with wire stripper, solder and heat shrink

  106. So just tonight my dash lights and right side tail lights went out (brake lights and door lights work) but I have a 2009 Chevy Aveo 5 would these instructions still apply to my 2009??

  107. I have very little knowledge about cars but I was able to fix this problem using the information provided here. Thanks, Corey, for posting this! It saved me a lot of money. I just have a few comments from my experience that might make it easier for others.

    1. Some of the wires connected to the splicer are very, very short and difficult to work with. Be extremely careful when stripping them so you don't make them even shorter.

    2. I found it quite difficult to maneuver my soldering iron in the small space under the fuse box. I had much better luck using wire nuts to make the connections. When the wires were too short or awkward I used spare pieces of wire I had lying around to make jumpers from wire nut to wire nut. So instead of one solid solder joint for the first 7 wires I have 3 wire nuts connected by 2 jumpers.

    3. Getting the splicer out was difficult. What I found to work was using a screw driver to pry it laterally away from the fuse box where it connects. Trying to pull it straight out didn't work.

    Someone should really put together a class action lawsuit against Chevy demanding a recall. This piece of crap Daewoo should never have been sold on the American market.

  108. The only 2 issues I am currently having with 2004 Aveo is that the clock will reset itself randomly and even turn off for short periods of time. Also my interior lights will rarely work. The splicer shows no chars or burns. Could this be my issue even though there are no signs of failure?

  109. I am having the same problem with an 09 but in 08 they changed the splice pack location anyone know where they moved it to

  110. How much force can I use to get the harness connector out. Is it one piece or two? Does the white plastic piece stay put and only the grey wiring comes out? It just won't come out for me. I don't want to break it.

  111. The key to the harness connector is applying pressure to the right plastic tabs that will allow you to separate the plug from the socket. It might easier with the fuse box anchored in place since that may free up one of your hands.

  112. La Juana Williams

    I am so glad I decided to check online before I went to a mechanic. I have an 05 Aveo. First the dome light went out, which I tolerated over a year. Then the dash lights went about a month ago. I've actually been carrying a small flashlight to check my speed at night. Then yesterday my sister told me my right taillight was out. Went to the autoparts store and they checked the fuses and said they were fine. I bought a taillight bulb (which was dumb because there are like five of them. lol) but quickly realized the bulbs were fine and they worked when I used the brakelights and blinker, just not regular nighttime light. Also the door to my gas tank broke a long time ago and won't stay closed. I've noticed that on some other Aveos and last but not least, I went to unlock the drivers door a while back and the whole lock fell inside the door. STill dealing with that. Thanks so much for your help.

  113. Corey,

    Well after some wrestling I did get the harness apart and was able to get the splicer.Followed your directions and Voila I have lights. You are the MAN!!!!!!'

  114. Corey,
    I having problems with my interior ,brake, turn signals and reverse lights, and also my clock and radio. Now my car wont start, I know there is a fuse for the fuel pump in the fuse box. I'm not getting fuel so do you think following your instructions will work. All rear lights and turn signals and the car not starting happened at one time.

    Thank You Corey

  115. I have an 09 aveo sedan 5 speed. My problem is with gauges not working when the door ajar light is on. All doors can be shut and the door ajar light stays on, when this happens none of my gauges function. Some times the door ajar light goes off and boom, all of my gauges work. It's crazy? Do you think if I do the wiring thing at the fuse box this will resolve my issue? Thanks for a great idea.

  116. Crazy isn't it. I cannot find anything online to show me how to fix this problem, and I don't have the money to spend at a dealership for them to try and figure it out.

  117. Dealership says I need new dash cluster. How do I remove the cluster package out of the dash?

  118. I replaced the cluster with a used one and the car will not start, so I put the old one back in and the car will not start. Any ideas?

  119. LeRoy:

    I have no idea! The door ajar light works by having switches in the door jambs. When the doors are closed, they are likely holding in little switch buttons. Maybe one of those is going bad. You could try opening all the doors and taping them down to find out if one of them isn't working properly. I know nothing about the Aveo's dash cluster or this issue in particular.

  120. I bought a 05 aveo a few months ago. Had no dash lights when I got it. I checked fuses and all were good. So I thought that it happened when the previous owners hooked up the stereo. Then the other day I noticed I had no tail lights. Google it and it sent me to your site. I did what you told. Now I have my tail lights and dash lights back. In the next few weeks I'll be sending you a few bucks for some beer. THANK YOU !!!!

  121. Fixed my sons 05 Aveo, great post you saved me hours of labor and lots of money!
    Very easy fix with wire stripper, solder and heat shrink
    Thanks Corey

  122. Corey, thank you. After spending 1 1/2 hrs checking fuses, wiring, voltages etc., stumubled upon this page and the light came on! (Mine, not the cars). I remembered seeing the white plastic thing in the fuse block with the burn marks. 35 minutes after finding my soldering iron it was done! In a supreme show of confidence, I put everything back together, put away the tools and called my wife to bring the car keys. SUCCESS!!! You're a genious!!!! :)

  123. Question: ON our 2006 aveo- on the S101 splicer pack, ours is showing only 11 wires going into it. any suggestions?

  124. I think I figured it out. we have 7 on one side and 4 on the other. we'll do 4 and 3 on the one side and do all 4 that are on the other.

  125. thanks for the help corey. i located the splicer took the fuse box apart and found i only have one green wire. what should i do now?

  126. Okay i saw the other post where someone had less wires. Looking at your diagram i think i can figure it out. Thanks so much for help you are a life saver. KEEP HELPING we need more people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  127. thanks corey so much put the car together all lights work great. thanks again for your help. i greatly appreciate it. you saved us about $800 and it took all of a half an hour.

  128. I can not thank you enough!!! Recently had a recall on the 2005 Aveo for a problem in the dash with the lights, I was so relieved to find out this was the problem instead. (For now lol) Such an easy fix with ur directions! Took my Dad and I about an hour to fix and cost us nothing since he already had the tools necessary. As the previous comments stated U Da Man!!! Thanks again for all ur help ;)

  129. I just did this to a buddys Aveo with inop dash lights and an inop RR tail light. worked perfect! No need to question the methods! Everything is laid out perfect. Great job man! Thanks a ton!

  130. What do Should I say?
    Well I feel like I definitely accomplished something today. EXCELLENT instructions, even though my 2006 Aveo did not have all the wires that are described to connect together but I still connected the ones that matched within the diagram and instructions. Again my dashboard and rear lights now work and my wife is real happy that I was able to fix this issue that has been on going for 2 months. Thanks again Corey and everyone's input in the blog. Excellent work people.

  131. Thank you. Thank you. And one more thank you for the information & instructions that you provided. My 2004 Aveo had no interior light, dash lights, parking lights, or brake lights. Located slicer & yes it showed signs of heat damage to a couple of wires. Followed instructions & now I have all my "LIGHTS"! I do have another question tho, I have 3 wires left over 1 red 1 green/yellow 1 orange/yellow. Would love to know what to do wit these even tho everything appears to be working properly accept the daytime running lights (which I dont need) but that leaves 2 wires not accounted for. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Peace & blessings.

  132. Woohoo! THANK YOU! This totally worked.

    I bought a used 05 Aveo during the daytime and realized come nightfall that the dash lights and gear shifter were completely dark. Now everything works!

    I should note, I am a 25 year old female and I was harassed by no less than 5 men during this process. 2 said "do you know what you are doing?" And one guy said "shouldn't your husband be doing that?" Lol. Thanks to your detailed explanation, yes! I did know what I was doing ; )

  133. kinda scarey cutting wires on your only car but I did it and followed the fix instructions and it worked perfectly!!! my symptoms were: no dash lights, passenger side running light not on and passenger side tail light out... now everything is back to normal! kinda hard to work with the wires (not a lot of slack) but I got it done.. THANK YOU for posting the fix.... saved my Thanksgiving and Christmas!! only cost me some solider and a soldiering iron and some heat shrink...

  134. I bought a used 2005 Aveo a week ago. Apparently there was a problem with the splicer pack. Some GENIUS wired all the conductors together in one big bunch. Even with the key removed, turning on the side marker lamps also provides power to the cabin fan and windshield wipers. Also, the dashboard and side marker lamps are on all the time whenever the key is in the RUN position. Several accessories in the car were burned out, I'm guessing probably because of this goof. Now I have the fun of trying to take apart these wires that have been crimped together. YIPPEE!

  135. Wow! Corey, you rock. With less than three hours work, and the grace of God to provide me with mild, windless weather two days before Christmas, all my electrical problems are repaired. Thank you so much for posting this information. You can look for my PayPal donation.

  136. Corey, this is a great solution to save a lot of money! Thanks for posting it. Anyone who uses this fix should take note that they may not have the exact same wires. Look at the picture though. The inside of the splicer connects all 10 terminals on one side and the other side is laid out 5 and 5. You might notice through the side of the splicer which side is which. On mine the side that attaches to the fuse box is the split one. Good luck

  137. Mine had the alternate wiring (missing some). Colors were right. Soldered it up according to what it said. Everything works except the heater blower and i think that may be a different issue. (Soldered because I've had issues with connnectors and the splicer thing is probably one of the least) Used heat shrink tubing for insulation. Taillight is back on and burnt splicer is out. Hopefully it stays working. Maybe saturday I'll take a look at the heater fan.

  138. Silly Sausage Man

    THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! Fixed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FYI - these cars are also known as Holden Barina in Australia and New Zealand.

  139. My nephew has 04 aveo and driver side running lights dont work looked at splicer didnt look burnt but was yellow is that normal or should it be white?

  140. Hey Cory I have an 07 aveo hatchback. When I got it the owner had a toggle switch to activate the fuel pump. The a.c. control panel does not light up nor do the a.c. switch or rear defrost switch activate or light up. Do you think this splicer fix would solve those problems? Thanks

  141. thanks Cory,

    this helped quite a bit. after i did this though my ac panel has no power to it. it's the same problem paul is having. is this because i wired it wrong or different problem now?

  142. I have a 2006 Chevy Aveo LS and this tutorial worked wonders. Instead of 14 wires, however, my vehicle only had 11. The splicer was completely fried and once the wires were cut, it was almost impossible to tell one color from another. But with the help of your wire color guide, my dad and I were able to figure this out. It was a bit of a shot in the dark, but even my faulty tail light came back on! My trunk lights, blinker, dashboard lights and interior light are all perfect again! My brake lights were still short, but I ordered a $9 brake switch on eBay and it was literally a two minute installation. My car works as good as new!

    Thank you!

  143. I just fixed the dash lights in my 06aveo by the diagram but it only had 11 wires now it won't start can someone help me

  144. You da man!! Chevy was going to charge me 1700 to get this fixed. I said fuck that. Followed your directions to the T. Works fine!! Thanks man!!

  145. my problem is very similar to this... friend bought the 04 aveo... DRL became a problem but there was a recall. so she brought it back to GM and they replaced the DRL Module under steering wheel. afterwards she was noticing when she drove on wet days or ran through a puddle the engine would stall ... now the car wont start... she called me..i went down put my obd 2 reader in it and no power will come to reader unless door is closed... no key in ignition... no lights on whatsoever.. (dome light, reverse lights, headlights, dash lights, cluster lights, radio, etc etc) then the OBD2 will come on ... once I do anything that uses a light (any mentioned above) the OBD2 will lose power ... headlights will make the reader flicker really fast. could this be caused by the splicer pack and if so will this solution u gave work to fix it?

  146. Corey, Thanks a lot for the time you took to post this issue. Couldn't be any better explained. You have saved us a lot of money, If could i'll get you a very cold beer, cheers!!!
    God bless you in all ways!!

  147. Wow i was trying to find this little piece anywhere, no body knows how to called this thing but i funds this post, for me this was like a miracle thanks thanks thanks i really appreciate. .

  148. I have both tailights out and some interior lights, although I'm not too worried about interior lights. I tried this fix, but It didn't work. Any ideas on where to go from here?

  149. Can't believe so many people having the same problem. But the instructions are clear and work, I would only say that be sure to cut and soder by groups because two groups have a purple white cable just not to get them mixed up.

  150. This was an excellent fix for my wife's Aveo. I had gone through a great deal of head scratching prior to this article. It's sad that I missed this as dc electrical wiring in cars is what I do for a living. I found a charred splicer and followed the directions to complete the task. The temps were a little low outside so actually did some butane lighter soldering with my electric iron guiding. Good stuff though Corey, when I get paid I am buying you a beer. In my business, knowledge is not cheap.

  151. I did this with no problem but 30 mins later the headlights stopped working. All other lights work just no headlights. When I flip the switch to turn my high beams on it doesn't show on my dash that my high beams are on. Any ideas? I only had two sets of two wires on one's side but colors matched so I spliced them. Headlights worked at first then went out altogether. All fuses are good

  152. THANK YOU COREY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this "instruction manual" is a miracle - you have a real talent putting this together with straightforward information, but including a bit of humor along with it! I especially like the "What the Dealer Will Tell You" section. I used this this past Sunday and was completely finished in 2 hours. I hope you have more instructions, because besides my Aveo, I need to get my son's Acura Integra back on the road. THANK YOU!!!

  153. Hi Corey! Man im stumped. my Aveo has one extra wire on the (7) to be cut. It is red with white strip, should i bundle it also?

  154. Since I keep blowing fuses is it ok to put a 5 where a 10 would go just to keep my lights on until I am able to get my fuse box fixed?

  155. Hello,
    I have a problem with my tail lights, can't I just replace the S101 Splicer ?? (if i get lucky and find one..)

  156. Thank you so much. I have been having problems with this for the past year. It finally burnt it toast. I thought I was shit out of luck until I ran across this. Thank you so much. Still want that beer????

  157. Also, is there a chance I could fry the wiring elsewhere in the line, due to removing the splicer?

  158. Sure enough burned up splicer pack! My daughter still thinks I'm the smartest dad around and can fix anything including an electrical problem with her Aveo dash lights! Thanks a ton Corey!

  159. Another huge thanks for sharing this information about five years ago! In a single afternoon, my dad and I fixed the problem in my 06 Aveo before I got pulled over for marker lights or worse when my dash lights were going out mid-highway at night. Plastic on the splicer was charred and bubbled, definitely needed to come out.

    FYI, we used heat shrink tubing over the solder joints as insulation to keep the connections safe in their new layout, with about a half-inch left sticking past the end of each bundle just for safety.

  160. my 2006 chevy aveo right side tail light and running light wont work i followed directions for my 11 wires my car has and still thos two lighs plus my dash lights wont work checked fises and bulbs help please

  161. I would guess that both the right tail light and the left tail light are part of the same circuit, so you have a broken connection between the right tail light and its power source specifically. This splicer could absolutely still be the problem. You should start testing wires for voltage.

  162. I completed the steps on my '04 aveo, the splice didn't look burned up and my instrument panel and tail lights still are not working. Do you know of any other problem areas that may be causing this problem?

  163. if the splicer pack is bad will it cause my shift to lock up. I can't shift my car automatically i have to push the lock button manually.?

  164. also my left side lights work fine but my whole right side and dash lights and speedometer does not work at all. when i put a new fuse on the right side it blew as soon as i turned the key on? please help

  165. That usually means the switch that is depressed by the brake pedal is not working or has been moved so that the brake pedal doesn't release it.

  166. Cory....
    You made look like some kind of god to my 21 year old daughter.
    I researched the symptoms and found your instructions. She had to go to work within ann hour and a half so after finding the blackened area in the corner. removed the purple w/ white striped wire and exposed the brown wire next to and soldered it together. wrapped it in tape and and reassembled it.
    Everything works and I'm a hero.


  167. Glad I could help, Tom! The splicer may continue to burn up, so you might have more opportunities to demonstrate your power.

  168. Thanks .with your info I was able to fix what the dealer couldn't .. thanks again .. Eric .05 aveo 300000 n going

  169. Corey,

    Thank a lot for the detail instructions!. I really appreciate that.
    I did as per yours and now my Chevy Aveo dash and tail lights are back to normal.

    Thanks again!

  170. I'm having the same problem no dash lights or tail lights I've done what everyone says and removed the burnt wires and spliced them but still got nothing. I only have 12 wires not 14 is that a problem

  171. George Here,
    I am re posting what Paul said about contacting GM or Chevy directly because this should definetly be a RE-CALL item. The other car companies seem to be doing their part but GM is not.

    I would suggest that other Aveo owners also contact Chevrolet to report this problem. Here's the site to enter your input:

    This may not be the correct fix but it has worked for me so far. I'm just wondering why or what is making that splicer get so hot?

  172. Aww man! This worked like a champ. Was a little nervous at first, but once I started, it was pretty straight forward. Everything works fine. My daughter is happy to have lights!!

  173. I have problem in my car model 2005 it is monitorlam flashing" hold" and "abs" but the alarm which make my car switch off is hold lamp when hide my car start again

  174. Gist for thos of you whit my problem the slice pack is also located in the driver footwell serched for that pack for 3 days

  175. Getting ready to sell my 2006 Aveo for cheap, but I wanted to figure out this electrical issue before passing it on to the next person. What a Godsend this article was! I've had this electrical issue for at least 6 months but it would resolve itself whenever it had rained (the moisture must have helped the connection somehow).

    It's almost 100 degrees out now, but I parked in the shade and worked at this for nearly three hours. I've never done any wire cutting or stripping or used wire connectors, so everything took me a while to make sure I did it right. Reassembled everything, started the car, and I can tell the dash lights are on--but we'll see about the reverse lights come nightfall.

    I ended up using butt connectors (bought the wrong size of winged wire connectors). I have an SVM (basic), so I'm sure that's why a few wires were missing from the splicer. It was severely fried though, and I'd seen enough on the Aveo forums to know that that was the cause of the problem. I just hadn't found this detailed breakdown to fix it sooner! The harness was tough to get out, so was the splicer. A bunch of poking and prodding and pulling. It's all a pretty tight squeeze in the fuse box area with not a lot of room to work with, but it really did go as easily as Corey made it out to be. And saved some serious dollars!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Corey, I'll send you some beer money.

  176. can you tell me where the splicer is on a 2007 chevy aveo,dash and tail lights don't come on,i see a bunch of posts that show the 2005 but the engine bay fuse box is diferent looking,or tell me what else can cause the problem.

  177. No, sorry. Looking at the date on this post, I haven't looked under the hood of an Aveo for nearly six years, now.

  178. after soldering them did u join all wires together in electrical tape or or tape them in their seperate groups they were soldered in?

  179. I covered all exposed wires in tape before putting everything back together--you want to prevent any circuits from interfering with each other, or "shorting."

  180. Corey i managed to get everything up except for low beam and the thing is that the 7 wires i didn't have them all had only 5 of them was missing green with yellow 2 of them only how can i make my low beam work?

  181. I only found 4 of the seven wires in the first splice group (first green and the 3 browns); the other 2 groups were as described. I joined each of the 3 groups by twisting, crimping, and taping. I just followed instructions for my 2008 Aveo, also removing battery for easy access, and now tail lights (also rear fog) and dash lights are working.

    There's a low beam relay in the fuse box (one of the larger plastic square devices plugged in along the rear side of the fuse box - have you tried re-seating that or maybe switching them around?

  182. The copper ring terminal that attaches to the the starter has busted and wires are loose does that have anything to do with the splice and do those really thin gauge wires have to go in a certain sequence when I solder them on another ring terminal?

  183. Paul W
    Wow thanks to thi post I have my 2006 Wave up and running again, my wife's call she called told me the the car had a stoke, so I followed the instructions only had 11 wire but followed the colours work prefect. Thanks again, cold fix in Nova Scotia no garage.

  184. Ok, so the 2006 aveo hatchback doesn't have 14 wires attached to the splicer, only 11, and I would assume that if Paul Webber got his running with just 11 wires then I might as well try it as well. The DRL is the cause of the short....delete drl, splice wires and that's the fix. GM came out with a tech bulletin in January 2015 about the drl overheating.

  185. The Aveo splicer was burnt looking as you said. I cut the wires and reconnected them just like your great diagram! However, the speedometer/instrument lights are still not working, nor interior lights, nor the driver's side running lights. was a great try! Any more ideas? (I know the fuses and bulbs are not the problem.)

  186. Wait a minute...the left (driver's side) front running lights are now working, once we made the splicer correction!!! I found a diagram ( that explained that the splicer is only for running lights and ignition. Perhaps I'll use a test light to examine the fuses and circuits for the dash and interior lights, as the fuses appeared good. At least we corrected one of the lights! Thank you a thousand times for saving us about $700 for a new fuse box and mechanic labor:)

  187. Thank you for this, my dash lights and right side running lights work. Took me a couple of hours, but worth the piece of mind.

  188. My aveo exhibits the symptoms of the s101 failure but there see no signs of burnt wires. The splice looks good and the only issue is that the fuse for that (rh illum) circuit blows every time I install a new fuse and turn on the switch. I've done the summer switch bypass trick and it made no change. Please advise.

  189. So glad I found this page! Thank you for taking the time to write this out. I had no idea what was wrong with the lights. The splicer was burnt just like you said. I just followed everything you said and boom rights side lights and dashboard lights are working again! From someone who doesn’t work on cars it felt good to be able to fix my car myself. It cost me about $30 from having to buy everything that I needed but well worth it because yesterday the guy quoted me $100 just to look at my car! Now I need to just figure out why my radio stopped playing (old issue)...thanks again.

  190. My splicer has got additional 'Red with white striped' cable. Please to which group of cables do I add it?

  191. I would like to try this out on my car. But just wanted to clear up something. For soldering the wires. 1. I just cut it away from the splicer and 2. solder the indicated wires together and the ends. And that's it?

  192. Yes. If the wires are burnt bad you might not have a lot of length to work with, so I'd have some spare wire in hand in case you need an inch or two.

  193. Hey, Corey I have 2005 Aveo LS and I have the same problem like the other owner with no dash light and no rear right parking light the I saw your diagram and follow everything you said but after an our of splicing the wire and connect in three different group and tape them all and put them all back together to try it I have my rear parking light working again but my dashboard light still not working I wonder which group of the the dashboard light belong? please advise.. thanks anyway for your effort to share this information ...

  194. I have a 2005 aveo that is at the dealership right now for the same problem, dash lights and tail light not working, they just called said the harness needs to be replaced the cost is $2,550.00 plus tax. I am going to pick it up and follow the steps here. Thank you so much for the easy to follow instruction. Fingers crossed!!!

  195. Does anybody have advice or instructions for an 11wire splicer instead of 14? I can’t find any info anywhere !

  196. It’s probably far too late for an answer in this, but can anyone explain or post a picture of how the white and grey connector actually disconnects? I’ve been trying for half an hour and I’m afraid if I keep prying and pulling I’m just gonna pull wires out. I’ve never had this much trouble with a connector before. I’m squeezing it as I pull but I don’t see anything actually moving and it isn’t at all clear which two pieces disconnect as it seems there are at least for plastic pieces to this thing.

    And help at all would be greatly appreciated!

  197. I had this problem off and on for two or three years. The dash lights went out about two weeks ago and stayed out. I would use a flashlight at night to make sure I wasn't speeding. I then decided to check the internet to see if I could find a fix for this and found that certain external lights wouldn't work as well. I got out of my car and discovered my right tail light was out. I discovered this website that explained the exact problem as well as how to correct it.
    I just finished doing the work and low and behold, I have all the necessary lights again. The only out of pocket expense was for electrical tape. Two hours and $1.50 later, job complete.
    You instructions posted nine years ago are still being used in February, 2020

  198. jeffery b mayhann

    I just sent you a few bucks to your paypal... this set of instructions was a real life saver! My little Aveo is back on the road, good as new!

  199. I am splicing the wires from my splicer pack in my 2004 Chevrolet hatchback Aveo. The problem I have is in your diagram, my splicer has a green wire the forth pin hole over at the top. Everything else is good. what grouping to I put this green wire. I have 8 wires at the top. 7 wires at the bottom.

  200. We have a Chevy Aveo 2007 LS nothing would work went out to leave onday a when my wife pushed the phobe to turn of the car alarm our grandugter set off.that did it every thing stopped working we had no tail lights or brake lights,the instrument panel light's across the whole dashboard absolutely nothing and car refused to come out of gear ,unless we took a screwdriver and push it down just to get it out of gear I have been working to run down a bad ground wire for over a month. Then just 2. Days ago I'm trying to do more research to find what can be I followed. Up on a new be search on Google ,and this gentleman who said to check out the s 101 splicer sure enough removed the battery the right front splicer was fried so as me I'm looking around at a REALLY decent fuse box at the junk . and I literally started thanking the lord for allowing this thread to finally get our car this gentleman said if any one finds out another issue that will help others having the same problem well I did find the direct cause of the s101 splicer getting fried right under your Chevy Aveo. Or colbolt if you don't look really good you miss it.its under the battery it's a porclean box with 2 screws and 1 bolt is a cooling fan compassitor/ resistor that has a single spring going through the porclean body.its not the proper part & GM KNOWS ALL ABOUT. THIS FACULTY PIECE THAT GOES INTO THE WIREING HARNESSES AT THE FUSE BOX AND LITTER LITERALLY WILL BURN UP BY SHORTING OUT YOUR S101 SPLICER.SO THX YOU FOR THE ADVICE TO REWIRE AND SOIDER THE THE MAIN HOT WIRES TOGETHER THE OTHER ONES YOU CAN BUY A TOOL SET TO POP OUT THE PINS..BUT BEAR IN MIND IF YOU FONT GO THRU THE DEALERSHIP TO GET THAT RESISTOR.REPLACEF WITH THE NEW 1 GM MADE THAT DOSENT GO BUGGY ON YOU.IT WILL CONTINUE TO KEEP BURNING UP YOUR SPLICER MAY TAKE AWHILE BUT IT WILL EVENTUALLY. SO THERE IT IS FIXED & EVERYTHING RUNING TOP NOCH.GOD BLESS HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE ELSE OUT THERE DEALING WÍTH WITH THE SAME ISSUES.. THX YOU AGAIN.

  201. Rev bill MARCUM

    I had the excate problems,no tail lights ,no brake lights no panel light's across the whole dashboard our doors no light

    Make sure to replace the compassitor/ colling fan resistor.or it will burn up your new s101 that's what I'd causing the shortages-& burning up the wires in the SPLICER?!

  202. Yinka B. Akinlosotu

    Hi, help me, I just change my radio wiring socket because radio power wont come up except I press eject, I did the connection and played the radio, after I noticed the dashboard light, both front/back right packing light shot down, can the splicer solve this if I try it.

  203. Picked up a super clean 2005 hatch with 75k for $800. Had no tail lights, dash lights, or door chime. This was the only thing wrong with it.
    Wire colors and groupings matched your instructions exactly.
    Thanks a ton! Cheers :)

  204. Good afternoon Corey,

    I have a Chev Aveo 1.5LS 2006, yesterday afternoon i left my 2 front windows open a bit, when i went to close them as the rain was coming they didn't want to close. Since then my cluster has no lights, no park lights, no fog lights. I do have back lights, reverse lights and front lights. Do you have any idea what is wrong??


  205. unbelieveable - TEN YEARS with this problem
    my 2006 Aveo had the fried splice block - must have happened over the summer - didnt notice it until the time change and the police advised me I had not tail lights - followed the instructions - everything works

  206. 2004 chey aveo -replaced blown fuse - now all the lights are on all the time even when there is no key in the ignition - is this the same problem with the splicer pack that other people are having or is it something different


  208. My 2007 Aveo has the same issue with no dash lights, no right tail light and no front right amber light, pops the fuse instantly when you turn the lights on. All brake lights and turn signals work fine. Splicer pack doesn’t show any signs of burnt wires. Hate to cut a bunch of wires if I should be looking for another issue. Looking for suggestions!

  209. Thank you very much Friend, this procedure helped me to eliminate lighting failure on the dashboard. Only I only eliminated the section that was damaged (charred). And for a quick splice, use Wago terminals. I'll see if I share an image of these terminals.

    Greetings from Honduras

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