Integra Cooling System Bleed Instructions

Bleeding the coolant system after taking it apart removes air from the system. Some part manufacturers refuse to warrant a new radiator if the system is not properly bled and purged of air before using their new parts. Here are some instances when bleeding the engine cooling system is a good idea.

When to Bleed Integra Coolant System

  • Coolant flush every 30,000 miles
  • Radiator replacement or upgrade
  • New thermostat

To bleed your Integra's coolant system, top off the coolant and follow these steps:

  1. Warm up the car to normal operating temperature with no radiator cap or radiator cap closed to first stop position that allows steam to bleed out. Some radiators have a bleed bolt near the cap that you can loosen to bleed air out.
  2. Watch coolant drop when thermostat opens and add more coolant to system.
  3. Wait for bubbles to stop and coolant to begin bleeding out of the radiator
  4. Turn off the car and top off the coolant to the fill line.
  5. Replace radiator cap and tighten.
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