Cobalt oil filter cap, GM 2.2L

The oil filter in a Chevy Cobalt sits at the front of the engine block under a rubber cap. A hex top measures 1 1/4 inches or 31.75 mm.

I used channel lock pliers to remove the filter the first few times I changed the oil on my girlfriend's car. The rubber top is starting to get chewed up despite my use of tape over the plier teeth.

Rest assured, a tool exists. Lisle part # 14700 Oil Filter Wrench for GM 2.2LThis 32mm, made in the USA, 3/8 inch drive socket fits the oil filter cap perfectly, and it won't bump into the intake like your wrench or my channel lock pliers.

I also found an ACDelco filter that comes with a new, replacment rubber cap and green gasket seal for about $10 here.

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